I Hear Dead People

Posted: September 15, 2011 in Paranormal
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Copyright Tim A. DeVore

Electronic voice phenomena (EVP) are voices or noises that are caught on a digital voice recorder (DVR) that are not audible to the ear at the time of recording.

The idea of attempting to record the voices of the dead is nothing new and was experimented with as early as 1941 by American Photographer Attila von Szalay. The recent popularity in Paranormal television shows has brought the idea more into the public eye, or shall we say ear. There are rare times that voices or noises may be heard audibly during an investigation, but more often than not they will only be heard upon playback of the DVR that was present at the time.

Often times they will be faint and require the use of audio software such as the program Audacity,  that shows the audio in a waveform. By looking at the waveform you can see small “spikes” in the audio where it is otherwise silent, these are the areas that you want to focus on. The waveform would look something like this: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/about/images/audacity-macosx.png although in an EVP recording the wave would be more of a straight line with more subtle spikes. Once you have identified the areas of focus you can then isolate and repeat them over and over to identify what you are hearing. This can often be a time consuming, tedious process and in the end may yield nothing unusual. However, there are those times when you hear something that sends chills down your spine which make it all worthwhile.

To conduct an EVP session you will need the following:

  1. A suitable digital voice recorder
  2. A location where you believe there may be spiritual activity
  3. Someone willing to ask questions or conduct the session
  4. Most importantly silence, silence, silence!

Number four cannot be stressed enough. Make sure all who are present are comfortable and not moving around. If they do make a noise have them identify that noise in a loud audible voice, no whispering. Digital voice recorders are very sensitive and can pick up even the slightest of noises so you should also isolate yourself from as much outside noise as possible. Keep the session short and to the point and always allow a reasonable amount of time between questions for a response.

The types of things you may capture varies greatly. You may hear a noise that cannot be explained, a faint whisper, or even a clear and audible voice. Some noises or voices are just random and others can be an intelligent response to a direct question.

You can hear some of the EVP’s captured by Parallel Realmz Investigations here:


  1. anilbalan says:

    Useful post with some good advice.


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