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Hannah House, Indianapolis, Indiana
Whether people believe in ghosts or not, most of them enjoy getting frightened out of their wits during Halloween at all the set-up haunted houses. But what about when “real” haunted houses are used in this capacity?

The thrill of seeing an actual ghost or experiencing paranormal activity draws more people every year. You then have a paranormally active building filled with unsuspecting, unprepared and quite a few underage people who might well become sweet fodder for some resident spirits.

A truly haunted building could be host not only to ghosts, but poltergeists or malevolent entities. These spirits seem to feed on the life force of young people and even babies in utero. The potential for having “something” attach to a person and accompany him or her home is not too far-fetched. At the very least, this could be stressful to children and pregnant women.

Aside from the dangers a casual visitor could encounter, the idea of using authentic haunted buildings for the Halloween crowd is somewhat vexing to serious investigators. Places that are already paranormally active tend to retain energy from everyone who visits, and this can confound equipment later with residual evp’s, among other things.

That being said, if you still plan to visit a “real” haunted house this year, following are links to a few of the more popular ones, if you’re in our area. It also wouldn’t hurt to say an opening and closing prayer. Just in case…


Alton Hauntings Ghost Tour, Alton, Illinois
The Avon Theater, Decatur, Illinois
Hartford Castle, Hartford, Illinois
The McPike Mansion, Alton, Illinois
Statesville Haunted Prison, Crest Hill, Illinois
Weird Chicago: The Ultimate Tour of Chicago’s Ghosts, Gangsters and Ghouls

If you’d like to schedule a group tour with our own team, contact us at for more information.

For more listings, visit Haunted


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