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Fr. David Price is an Old Catholic Priest in Louisville, Kentucky. He was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, converted to Catholicism at the age of 16 years, and was ordained as a Catholic Priest on August 11, 2007. He currently serves as associate pastor at St. Christopher’s Old Catholic church.

Tracy DeVore: You refer to yourself as an “Old Catholic Priest.” You obviously aren’t “old” so I assume you’re referring to the religion itself? Does this mean you study the “old ways” of the church?

Father David: That is correct, the Old Catholic Church branched off from the Roman Catholic Church in the late 1800s over the declaration of papal infallibility in Vatican I. We hold that the pope is not infallible, meaning without error. We do therefore view him as the Bishop of Rome, not as the head of the Church. The Old Catholic Church has since started an independent movement that can be a wonderful blessing or quite the opposite. With no central governance, there are only Bishops. Most have no formal training for their priest, but some do. Some are extremely liberal, others are extremely conservative.

The Roman Catholic Church does view the Old Catholic Church’s sacraments as valid. We are the United States Old Catholic Church. We have quite an extensive seminary program for our clergy, and kind of fall in the middle between liberalism and conservatism.

TD: Did you already have an interest in the paranormal before becoming a priest?

FrD: Yes, I did have an interest before becoming a priest, but I was called to the priesthood from a young age. I grew up a Jehovah’s Witness and looking back, I was called to the priesthood ever since I was little, whether I knew it or not. It wasn’t until I converted to Catholicism that I started to volunteer at Waverly Hills Sanatorium. That is where my interest in the paranormal began.

TD: Did your interest in the paranormal have any bearing on your conversion from being raised a Jehovah’s Witness to Catholicism?

FrD: No, but my converting to Catholicism long before I was ordained did indeed have an influence on my interest in the paranormal.

TD: What sort of feedback, positive or negative, do you receive from your parishioners regarding your involvement with the paranormal?

FrD: I am lucky in that a lot of my parishioners are paranormal investigators, but those who are not are generally supportive.

TD: I see you study demonology. Has anyone ever called on you to identify or expel a demon from their home or business?

FrD: Yes, many times. Keep in mind I am a Demonologist, not an Exorcist. I investigate and can perform the Minor Rite of Exorcism on a place, but not a person. If someone is allegedly possessed and the investigation, physical report and psychological evaluation confirm, then my Bishop would get involved. As far as specific cases, I apologize I cannot go into details.

TD: Your web site states you work very closely with a paranormal investigation group in your area. Do you actively participate in investigations, or are you mainly called in under special circumstances?

FrD: Yes, we work very closely with After Dark Paranormal Investigations. We have trained them to look for what could potentially be demonic. On a typical case, they would do the preliminary investigation and if they believe it could be a demonic infestation or something along those lines, I will get involved to verify, perform the Minor Rite, bless the home/property or gather evidence to present to my Bishop.

TD: Do other groups contact you for your advice or insight?

FrD: Yes, in fact, so much so, we started the Paranormal Clergy Institute. When we began this ministry, we had no intention of getting involved in the paranormal. But, we had such a large amount of requests for help from within the paranormal, my Bishop founded the Paranormal Clergy Institute so that those looking for help in the field had access to clergy who were trained in demonology, and could offer the help they or their clients really needed.

It should be noted that their are many in the paranormal field who claim to be demonologists, but demonology is not paranormal, it is theological. A demonologist is a properly and validly ordained clergy member who is appointed to serve as a Demonologist under an Exorcist.

TD: If someone wants to contact you, what is the best way to do that?

FrD: Through our website at

TD: Thanks again, Fr. David, for the opportunity to interview you.


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