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Few paranormal teams dispute the validity of psychics, and many take advantage of their insight. But what about having a psychic on board during all investigations? Is it more of a benefit or a hindrance?

A true psychic on your team can seem to give you an added edge during an investigation. They are able to “feel” things nobody else does, and sometimes even pick up names and details you weren’t aware of before the investigation began.

But, how do you know what they’re saying is correct? Sometimes you can look up the history of a place and see if the names and other details match the psychic’s information, but in most cases, you can neither confirm nor deny their findings.

So, what do you do? Does your team just blindly follow the psychic’s intuition, information, or possible misinformation, when the facts might or might not substantiate their claims? Taking that route could potentially lead your team in a wrong direction, jeopardizing the entire investigation. On the other hand, if your psychic is so in tune with a place that he or she is getting facts that couldn’t be acquired by any other means, your chances of “connecting” with the other side could be greatly enhanced with the psychic’s assistance.

A good rule of thumb might be to conduct your investigation initially without a psychic along, and see what you’re able to pick up on your own with no outside influence. You might later want or need a psychic to help you “talk” to an entity or spirit to see if additional information can be gathered, or even to aid you in getting a spirit to leave a place, or cross over.

Whatever you and your team decide to do, if you want to be taken seriously, you must always be sure to cement your findings in fact and not in feeling or intuition alone (though sensitive people can be very powerful in aiding an investigation).

Please comment below with your take on psychics and their use in paranormal investigation. Meanwhile, Happy Hunting!

  1. JodiLee says:

    When we do investigations, or even just sit in the dark here at home, Care sees people. Sometimes just a shape, or a shadow, but mostly figures. She can’t hear them, and that bothers her, because a lot of the time the non-familial spirits seem to be seeking some form of help…and she can’t understand what it is they’re after.

    At the Fort Garry in Winnipeg, she picked up the names of the people in room 202. If we could track that information down, I’d be thrilled… πŸ™‚

  2. A recent thread of comments in this area was deleted by the Admin, not because of any admission or denial pertaining to any statements made, but because the poster (Mary Degeorgio) was rude, obnoxious, disrespectful and unprofessional. All opinions, whether we agree with them or not, are welcome in this blog. Name-calling and crude language will not be tolerated.

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