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A lot of things can go bump in the night and we get used to the sounds of a particular house or neighborhood. But, what if you’re hearing sounds or even voices that don’t belong? Does the hair on the back of your neck stand up for no reason, as if someone is watching you? Do you feel like you’re never really alone in your house? Are objects moving without any assistance? Are lights turning off and on? Do doors or cabinets open and close on their own?

Try to approach things calmly and scientifically. Keep a pen and paper handy at all times and record every unusual sound, feeling, smell, cold area, or occurrence that seems out of place. Write the date and time, what room you’re in, who witnessed the event, and what other activity was occurring at the same time (were you sleeping or watching television, cooking, showering, etc.). Were there any outside noises, such as a jet flying over or a train passing by? What was the weather like? All of this data will be very helpful in analyzing whether the event is something natural (such as an animal in the attic or old plumbing) or paranormal, and predicting when another event might occur.

If possible, take several still shots with your camera aimed into the darkness (use your flash setting), or set up a video camera to record any unusual activity. You might be surprised what you find in these images. Watch your pets, if you have any. Animals seem to have a sixth sense and are usually very in tune with anything out of place in their environment.

Go to the library and research your property. The research librarian is always a great help in tracking down records on a house or piece of land. If you can, contact previous occupants of the house. Maybe they can tell you stories about the property that aren’t available at the library. Are they aware of any violence or death occurring in the house? Did they experience anything similar to what you’re experiencing? If so, how did they handle it?

If you are convinced your house is haunted, you need to decide how you want to deal with it. Do you feel threatened by the spirit or entity? Do you believe it is a true haunting (a spirit existing in the same time frame) or a residual haunting (a spirit living in its own time, simultaneous with yours and possibly oblivious to your existence)? The odds are, the spirit is not malevolent. Some people are comfortable trying to communicate with the entity in their house. If you feel you’re able to do this, encourage it to move on, people are waiting for it on the other side.

Finally, call a group that specializes in paranormal investigation. As a rule, these groups do not charge anything to come to your home and investigate. They will use the most sophisticated equipment available and will share all their findings with you. They are usually discreet and professional, and will keep your personal information confidential, though might request permission to share photographic, video or sound evidence that doesn’t disclose the identity of you or your property.

In the east-Central Illinois area, Parallel Realmz Investigations (P.R.I.) is a group with an excellent “track record” and plenty of references, but there are reputable groups available in most all areas. Any of these groups should be able to assist you in dealing with your paranormal activity to a satisfactory conclusion.

  1. Ted says:

    Interesting info. Where I live I often work on a computer in the basement. Sometimes I will clearly hear what sounds like someone coming in the door and walking around upstairs. At those times I would think that someone had come home and was upstairs. When I would go up to look there would be no one there and no car outside. Since I live in the country this isn’t a place where someone would just walk in off the street. Although it is an odd occurrence I have never felt scared about it. Lately it doesn’t seem to happen as often. There have been some other occasional odd experiences around here, however nothing that was as consistent as this one. I imagine there well could be some spirits here since there has been a farm here for close to 150 years. I know that my grandfather died in the kitchen and I imagine that others have died here as well.

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