The lowdown on electromagnetic field (EMF) evidence

Posted: August 29, 2011 in Ghost, Haunting, Paranormal, Spirits
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Copyright Tracy DeVore

An EMF meter measures electromagnetic field radiation levels and can be very useful in paranormal investigation. Though many things give readings on an EMF meter, investigators look for abnormal readings that have no apparent source.

Let’s look at the structure of the electromagnetic field. First, it is sometimes described as the combination of an electric field (produced by a stationary charge) and a magnetic field (produced by currents). It is an invisible area created by electrically charged objects, including but not limited to ceiling fans, electrical wiring, microwave ovens and other appliances…the list goes on and on. The EMF field of any of these objects can affect area in the vicinity of the field and create a fluctuation in frequency. Radio waves or infrared lights might create a low frequency in the field, while x-rays, gamma rays, etc., will create a higher frequency.

It is generally accepted in the paranormal community that an entity must gather energy from its surroundings in order to manifest itself. This seems to hold true when fresh batteries lose all power when a spirit is suspected to be nearby. The fluctuations in frequency are what investigators look for when using EMF meters during paranormal investigations. When the EMF readings spike or dip, it alerts the investigator to a change in the immediate area. Since a steady reading is usually a good indicator of an artificially created field such as from wiring behind a wall, one thing to watch for is if the reading changes several times in one spot.

High energy readings can usually be followed to their source, and teams will seek out explanations for the readings before deeming them paranormal.

Once all artificial possibilities are exhausted, the investigator might then “follow” a moving spirit around by using the EMF meter’s readings as a guide. The meters are commonly used by paranormal groups as a means of ruling out other sources and pinpointing what they consider to be genuine paranormal activity.


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