Ghost Hunting VS Paranormal Investigating

Posted: August 18, 2011 in Paranormal
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Copyright 2011 Tim A. DeVore

There is a clear and definite difference between ghost hunting and paranormal investigation. Ghost hunters simply go out and look for ghosts, perhaps for a cheap thrill or to check out an urban legend. Paranormal investigators do just that, they investigate. Just because a claim of paranormal activity has been communicated, doesn’t mean there really is activity. A paranormal investigation is much like a criminal investigation. Someone calls and tells their story of an incident that took place. A team of investigators is dispatched to validate the story, interview the eyewitnesses, conduct an investigation, collect evidence, review the evidence, and build a case.

The primary difference is that an officer on a criminal investigation does not have the task of proving anything. Paranormal investigators are more like the officer, prosecution attorney, defense attorney, and judge combined. The other difference would be that the people mentioned above are professionals at what they do, while in the paranormal investigation field there are no professionals. Any team or individual that claims to be professionals in this field are probably out to make a quick buck. However, there are teams and individuals that are more experienced in the field than others. Teams that have a proven track record should lend more credibility than others, and any good team will always try to find a logical explanation for an occurrence before deciding that it’s a paranormal one. A really good team will offer you help in alleviating your problem.

If you are having occurrences that you think are paranormal activity be very careful in whom you select to help you. You don’t want to call on some ghost hunters out for a cheap thrill that may possibly stir things up and make them worse. You want to call on an experienced team that will take the right steps to prove, debunk, and help you in every way possible.

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    Good points and a very interesting blog!

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