Are Cemeteries Haunted?

Posted: August 16, 2011 in Paranormal
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Some people are of the firm belief that no cemetery is haunted. “Why on Earth would a spirit want to hang around a depressing, unfamiliar graveyard?” they argue. There are so many far more pleasant places to spend eternity.

Some people believe all cemeteries are haunted and will spend hours in graveyards, old and new, in an effort to capture a glimpse of spirit activity. There are EVP (electronic voice phenomena) recordings, still photos and videos uploaded throughout the Internet, claiming to prove cemeteries are haunted.

Still others believe some cemeteries are most definitely haunted, while some might or might not be, and this group seems to be the majority. After all, what better place to contact your relatives than at your gravesite as they’re visiting or leaving flowers?

Perhaps some spirits simply have no other place to go. Maybe they were homeless in life and remain “homeless” in death. It could be they were at their own graveside service and felt an outpouring of love from so many friends and family in attendance, that they are content where they are.

Some cemeteries were once battlefields, and soldiers who fell in battle were often buried where they lay. Civil war burial sites such as at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania or Antietam, Maryland are continually listed as exhibiting paranormal activity.

Whatever your beliefs, cemeteries are fascinating places to visit, full of stories and atmosphere, and who knows? You might just run into an old relative or friend.

  1. 846 Studios says:

    I feel that there are cemeteries that have paranormal activity, but I don’t believe they are all haunted by default. Just because it’s the final resting place of the dead doesn’t mean that you are going to have a successful investigation by any means. There are those with such a history that they are more likely candidates, but still no guarantee you’ll hit the jackpot. Investigations of any location including those with known activity are very hit and miss at best. They are still very interesting to visit and photograph, haunted or not.

    • Ted says:

      I like to take photographs in cemeteries just because they are often interesting and beautiful places. I think Greenwood Cemetery in Decatur is the most amazing cemetery in this area. It is definitely worth a trip if you have not seen it. I haven’t had any paranormal experiences in a cemetery, however I have often felt a kinda heavy depressing feeling while in one. I figure that for many a visit to the cemetery was a part of the saddest day of their lives. I sorta of wonder it all that emotion accumulates over the years and can be felt.

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