The Orb Controversy

Posted: August 12, 2011 in Paranormal
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Copyright Tracy Devore

Orbs. Those unusual circles of light that appear in photographs or videos. How do you explain them?It seems people are on one side of the fence or the other where orbs are concerned. They’re either dust or…they aren’t.

Those who believe all orbs are dust usually retain that belief and don’t open the subject for interpretation. Those who believe no orb is dust usually retain that belief, as well. But it seems the majority feel strongly that some orbs are dust, some are not.

There is no expert on the subject, no definitive answer to the question: What exactly are orbs?

Miceal Ledwith and Klaus Heinemann attempt to scientifically dissect the origin and meaning of orbs in their book “The Orb Project” (Copyright 2007 Atria Books). An informative, but dry, read that includes such chapters as “The Significance of Orb Coloring” and “Photographing Orbs.”

Some believe orbs are aliens or another life form altogether, living simultaneously on Earth with us, perhaps aware of us, but existing on a frequency we can only detect with a

ssistance from camera flash, shutter speed, or other methods.

Another theory is that orbs are not actually spirits, but energy being transferred to the spirit via batteries or other power sources, allowing the spirit to manifest itself, perhaps even without its knowledge. This theory is based on the law of physics that states such transferred energy would assume a spherical shape. 

According to a Wikipedia entry, “Due to the size limitations of the modern compact and ultra-compact cameras, especially digital cameras, the distance between the lens and the built-in flash has decreased, thereby decreasing the angle of light reflection to the lens and increasing the likelihood of light reflection off normally sub-visible particles. Hence, the orb artifact is commonplace with small digital or film camera photographs.”

Yet, there are those who argue with their own photographic evidence that an orb far out of the flash range that illuminates itself can’t possibly be dust. Or an orb on a video that seems to stop, hesitate and change direction, or move with purpose, cannot be dust.

Our group’s personal experience has been that many orbs are dust, but not all. We have two psychics on our team. When our psychic says, “I feel something right here,” and we snap a picture and it almost invariably contains a three-dimensional type orb, well, we have to believe there’s something to it.

Whatever side of the fence you’re on, the orb controversy will likely remain an intriguing subject. Hopefully someday we’ll all know the truth.

  1. Christina Ferguson says:

    I believe that some orbs are spirits, I have seen a red ball of light before and when my friend went to reach for it , it flew away very fast.. and that was not DUST!! I hope that this controvercy over the orbs does get figured out.. Very exciting I hope that the Parallel Realmz Investigators are the lucky ones to figure it out or atleast get us closer to the truth!! Go (P.R.I) Awesome Picture of Orb and Article Thanks

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